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Here at Chilli Fruit, you come first. We're all about thinking outside the box and getting creative.

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At Chilli Fruit, we believe in putting you first. That’s why we embrace creativity and think outside the box to deliver customized, high-impact strategies that bring high-authority backlinks. Our passionate professionals thrive on collaboration and innovation, all with the goal of helping you achieve success.

Mateusz Klus

Monetisation Coordinator
& Content Writer

I'm a passionate NBA and marketing enthusiast, dedicated to creating top-quality content for NBA BLAST. My love for sports extends to football, skiing, running, and gym workouts. Every day, I blend my love for sports with my flair for content creation, aiming to engage and inform fellow basketball fans.

Magda Wolska

Project Manager and Internal HR

My keen interest in both project management and team leading help me to build one of the core departments, as well as keeping the entire Chilli Fruit working smoothly. I am the go-to person for any internal issues in the team. Apart from being a problem-solving manager, one can describe me as a dog lover picking mushrooms in the forest or a cat mom playing video games with my cat on my lap.

John Kawecki

Outreach & Link Building

Marketing is my passion, and I’m making the best out of it during outreach and link building activities at Chilli Fruit. I’m a huge fan of sports, especially Italian football and Formula 1. In my free time, I write for Polish sports radio and cook Italian food.

Daniel Ząbczyk

Head of Outreach

I juggle link-building processes for SaaS clients with the same skill I use to solve Rubik's Cubes - swiftly and logically! Armed with an engineering degree and a soft spot for Google Spreadsheets, I craft processes smoother than a well-oiled bicycle chain - yes, I'm a cycling enthusiast too!

Jerzy Rzeźnicki

Outreach & Link Building

Getting to know people and diving into video games is my priority in life. I love building links and any kind of Digital PR, but hanging out with amazing people at Chilli Fruit makes any challenge effortless. I'm super into hearing everyone's life stories, the good and the bad. Besides that, I'm really into competing in any game I can get my hands on!

Julia Stanclik

Digital PR Specialist

My background in the NGO and political sector has taught me how to think fast and work even faster. With an experience in managing teams, projects and events, I am a charismatic person, who never lets go of a good opportunity to network!

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