Boosting Brand24's Organic Traffic and Leads with Strategic Link Building and Content Creation

Launched: 21 May 2018


Brand24 is a reputable player in the social media monitoring and internet monitoring industry. They specialize in:


Online Presence Management: Empowering businesses with valuable insights into their digital footprint.


Reputation Management: Tracking and managing the brand's reputation across online platforms.


Market Analysis: Providing critical data about customers and competition to make informed business decisions.

Despite its robust digital toolkit, Brand24 grappled with specific challenges:


Loss of Organic Traffic: The company noticed a decline in organic traffic on their high-converting pages, which began to impact their overall lead generation and conversion rates.


Need for Increased Topical Authority: Brand24 recognized the need to boost their topical authority within the social media and internet monitoring industry to enhance their brand's visibility and reputation.

In response to these hurdles, Brand24 turned to Chilli Fruit Web Consulting for a bespoke solution to boost organic traffic and establish stronger topical authority.


Brand24's Challenges:

Brand24 faced decreased organic traffic and needed to boost their topical authority.

Chilli Fruit's Strategy:

Chilli Fruit implemented a tailored strategy involving strategic link-building and high-quality content creation.

Link Building:

The approach focused on triangular linking, forming new strategic partnerships, and quality-over-quantity backlinking.

Content Creation:

Brand24’s blog received SEO-optimized, keyword-centric articles that incorporated real-world use cases of their product.


The strategy significantly improved Brand24’s organic traffic, SERP rankings, and online presence, demonstrating the crucial role of a robust link building and high-quality content.

Strategic Link Building

Strategic Link Building: Chilli Fruit’s Approach for Brand24

To improve Brand24’s SERP position, we developed and implemented a unique link-building strategy. Our tactics involved a mix of leveraging existing relationships, forging new ones, and focusing on quality over quantity.


Utilizing A-B-C Exchanges: This method of link exchange, also known as triangular linking, enabled us to avoid direct reciprocal links, a crucial step in creating a more natural link profile.


Creating New Partnerships: Our link-building campaign also involved the establishment of new relationships with notable sites such as Hubspot, Envato, and G2. These strategic partnerships helped enhance Brand24’s backlink profile and boosted its overall online reputation.


Quality Over Quantity: We adopted a meticulous approach in selecting domains for backlinking. Instead of focusing on a large number of links, we prioritized quality, aiming to acquire around 10 high-quality links each month. This approach helped maintain the integrity of Brand24’s link profile and delivered better long-term SEO benefits.


Selection Based on Bespoke Metrics: We employed a custom metric known as FRD (Filtered Referring Domains) to select the most beneficial domains for backlinking. This approach was supplemented by considering other factors such as organic traffic, Domain Rating (DR), the ratio of inbound to outbound links at both page and domain levels, content quality, and relevance to Brand24’s industry.

Through this strategic link-building campaign, we effectively improved Brand24’s SERP rankings, leading to an increase in organic traffic and more robust lead generation.

New Content

In addition to our focused link-building strategy, we also recognized the value of generating fresh, high-quality content for Brand24's blog. We reached out to Brand24, offered our resources, and began crafting targeted articles based on their specific keyword requirements.


Keyword-Centric Content: Brand24 provided a list of keywords, primarily marketing-oriented, that they wanted to target. Although not all keywords were directly related to Brand24, they aligned with the larger marketing field, thus making the articles valuable to their readers.


Integrating Brand24 Use Cases: To make each article more relevant and valuable, we incorporated applicable Brand24 use cases. This approach showcased the practicality and effectiveness of Brand24's offerings within real-world scenarios.


Feature-Rich Content: We designed the articles to be rich in features that enhance SEO. This included an FAQ section aimed at capturing featured snippets and 'People Also Ask' answers on search engines.


Utilizing SEO Tools: We used Surfer to optimize each article, ensuring it had the right balance and density of keywords. Additionally, we used Semrush for any extra keyword research that was necessary.


AI-Assisted Writing & Editing: To ensure consistency and high quality, the articles were initially drafted using AI and then fine-tuned to match the style and tone of Brand24's blog.


Internal Linking: All articles included internal links, which not only improve navigation within Brand24's website but also contribute to better site structure and SEO.

Through this dual approach of new content creation and strategic link building, Chilli Fruit has significantly bolstered Brand24's organic traffic, SERP rankings, and overall online presence.

Link Building Results and Analysis

Recovery and Revitalization of the Sentiment Analysis Page: Brand24's Sentiment Analysis page had completely lost its SERP position, a critical issue considering its high-converting nature. Our initial link-building efforts saw an immediate improvement, with the page returning to the 5th SERP spot. Despite a temporary downturn due to competitive catch up, a strategic restructuring and intensification of our efforts, primarily through the build-up of SaaS links, successfully returned the page to its 5th position. During the time, it has also been re-optimized by us. We stopped building links to this target in November 2022.

Sentiment Analysis Traffic Trend

Link examples

Media Monitoring Article Maintains Top Position: One of Brand24's articles focused on media monitoring proved resilient, rising to and retaining its prestigious #1 spot in the SERP. This was largely thanks to our strategic link-building strategy, which solidified the page's dominance.

Media Monitoring Traffic Trend

Link examples

Social Listening Recovery: Brand24's social listening-related content experienced an impressive recovery, with traffic increasing from approximately 150 visitors to over 1,000. This surge in traffic was achieved through our strategic link-building efforts

Media Monitoring Traffic Trend

Link examples

Improvement of the Social Listening Tools Article: An article about social listening tools quickly rose to prominence after losing about ⅔ of its traffic. In a short span, the article seized the #1 position in the SERP, a success directly attributable to our targeted link-building strategy, emphasizing the inclusion of SaaS links.

Social Listening Tools Traffic Trend

Link examples

Brand Awareness Article's Ascension: Our strategy also had a positive impact on an article about brand awareness. This page is currently at the #6 position in the SERP and shows signs of further ascent, suggesting our ongoing link-building efforts are effective and driving continuous improvement.

Brand Awareness Traffic Trend

After Redirect

Content Results

Our content strategy has yielded impressive results for Brand24, proving the power of high-quality, SEO-driven content. We’ve contributed 20 articles so far.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the success achieved:

Boosted Traffic: Each of the articles we crafted is generating consistent traffic. Some have even started attracting more than 500 clicks per month, contributing significantly to Brand24's overall site visits. This consistent stream of visitors enhances Brand24's organic reach, bringing in potential leads and customers.

SERP Enhancements: Thanks to our efforts in keyword optimization and the creation of feature-rich content, several articles have been recognized by search engines. The FAQ sections specifically designed to capture 'People Also Ask' and featured snippets on search engine results have indeed done so, leading to better visibility and click-through rates for Brand24.

Improved Internal Navigation and SEO: The strategic inclusion of internal links within our articles has benefited Brand24 in two major ways. Firstly, it improved the user experience by enabling easier navigation through related content. Secondly, it contributed to SEO by creating a robust internal link structure, which search engines recognize as a positive site attribute.

Brand24 Use Case Visibility: By integrating relevant Brand24 use cases within our articles, we've raised awareness and understanding of Brand24's capabilities among readers. This strategic move showcases Brand24's applicability in real-world scenarios, subtly nudging readers toward considering Brand24's services for their own needs. These

Expanded Topical Authority: With the creation of articles around various marketing keywords, even those not strictly related to Brand24, we have helped extend Brand24's topical authority. This expansion further solidifies Brand24's position as a thought leader in its industry.

Organic Success without External Link Building: Remarkably, the success of the content articles we created for Brand24 was achieved without relying on external link building. Despite not actively building backlinks to these specific articles, they have generated substantial traffic and visibility through their own inherent value and optimized SEO techniques.

In conclusion, our content strategy has not only improved Brand24's organic traffic and SERP rankings but also helped the company establish itself as an authoritative figure in the field of social media and internet monitoring. Through this, we've contributed to the strengthening of Brand24's online reputation and visibility.

Here are more details on traffic:

High traffic value definitely suggests that the keywords weren’t the easiest.

Importance of Link Building and High-Quality Content

The success achieved for Brand24 highlights the critical role of a solid link building strategy combined with high-quality content. Strategic link building not only improved organic traffic and search engine rankings but also enhanced Brand24's reputation and visibility in their industry. The integration of high-quality content, optimized for SEO, further reinforced Brand24's expertise and relevance. The synergy between link building and content creation demonstrates their collective power in driving organic traffic, improving lead generation, and establishing a strong online presence.

Commitment to Delivering Results for Future Clients

At Chilli Fruit, we are committed to delivering similar results for our future clients. Our expertise in strategic link building and content creation, along with a focus on quality, relevance, and optimization, enables us to drive organic traffic and lead generation. We understand the challenges faced by businesses and the importance of tailored strategies. With our commitment to excellence and dedication to achieving outstanding outcomes, we aim to continue delivering impactful results for our clients in the future.

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