Press Kit

Spice up your website with hot links

We are a charismatic company, consisting of young talent and innovative solutions. We provide our clients with a wide range of services, from onsite content optimization and SEO consulting, through Google disavow campaigns and handmade link building, all the way to professional content creation and digital PR!

As a small company, we share a family-like atmosphere, so naturally, we handle our clients with honesty and care, offering guidance and a personalized approach. We have crafted many majorly successful projects and campaigns, allowing our clients to gain increased website traffic and ratings, media exposure, and improved engagement rates.

Chilli Fruit logo

Grab our logo for your publications and press materials to keep things consistent.

Chilli Fruit icon

A bite-sized alternative to our logo for when you feel like adding a pop of flavor to your visuals.

Brand manual

Get a scoop on our brand identity and messaging in this handy guide.

Marketing graphics pack

Spice up your promotions with our specialized graphics pack, tailored for maximum engagement.

Photo pack

Check out our cool collection of brand-related pics for any press release you're crafting!

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